Fixed wireless high-speed internet on a home in San Mateo County

Fixed wireless on a home in San Mateo County. Much prettier than strung wires!

In most cases, the fastest, most economical way to get modern high-speed internet to a house or other building is with a fixed wireless connection.

Wireless requires no construction, just installation. It’s easy to upgrade, replace or move.

Like fiber optics, wireless connections have been used for decades by large corporations and universities, often over long distances. As individual households now use as much data as whole cities used to (watching movies, telecommuting, gaming), fast technology is trickling down to regular folks.

And wireless equipment has come a long way in the past decade, while prices have dropped. Cruzio is now able to provide amazing speeds over wireless connections, for under $75 per month. And we constantly upgrade and refresh our equipment to provide faster speeds.


• Line of sight/proximity to existing wireless Access Points, or APs

• Ability to put equipment high up: most often, on the roof or eave of a building


Cruzio’s gigabit network around the Central Coast and Peninsula, up to Half Moon Bay, uses a data “backbone” with multi-terabit capacity traversing the region from north to south. Using this backbone, Cruzio set up a powerful, completely redundant route to and from the greater Internet with outlets on both the north and south. If one side is interrupted, an automatic failover occurs to the other side and connectivity is maintained.


Cruzio’s Santa Cruz Fiber network is constantly growing. There are excellent opportunities for new Access Points throughout the region: these are buildings or pieces of land which can see an existing AP and can also see businesses or homes in the area. An example of this is a house on a hill overlooking a town. Other examples are communications towers, tall office buildings, or even an outdoor ridge.

When a site is eligible to be an AP, not only can the occupants get the best internet imaginable, but building owners or managers can get their world-class internet free of charge in return for roof placement.

In some cases, Cruzio will use one property as an AP, but offer free internet at a different property belonging to the same owner.

We’re often asked what our equipment looks like, and what we need to do to install it. We understand that people who own buildings — big office buildings, apartments, Victorian houses, or anything else — want to preserve the appearance and good repair of their property. We work with property owners and managers to install equipment to meet the multiple goals of an attractive appearance, minimal disturbance to the property, and high performance. Contact us if you have a prospect!


Individual customers — both residential and business — use small, discreet equipment. The antenna for an end-user building is generally compact, about the size of a dinner plate — smaller (and prettier) than a satellite dish. Cruzio can often mount equipment in a less visible area, such as under an eave or set well back from the front of a house.

Residential Roof Mount1

A rooftop in Santa Cruz

Residential Mount 2

Another residential rooftop installation

Barn Mount

A rural installation


Any safely accessible site with a great view may be eligible to host an Access Point (AP) which will improve internet access in their neighborhood.

The equipment required is generally under two feet in diameter and often much smaller. Many APs are atop large buildings which then have high speed, low cost internet available to all tenants. To provide service inside a large multi-tenant building, Cruzio will require space in the telco closet or room and will install wiring and/or wifi in the building to serve tenants.

But even a small house or a spit of land, if well-placed, can serve as an AP without need of a closet. The wiring for a house is minimal.

3 Aps For Blog

Office building in Watsonville

Outdoor Wireless Equipment

Outdoor installation near Scotts Valley

Commercial Mount

Office building roof in Santa Cruz

Mpoe Rack Blog

Equipment in a telecommunications closet, for larger buildings:


Most people know Cruzio as an involved, dedicated corporate local citizen serving many thousands of residents since 1989.

We also serve larger organizations. Our equipment provides primary or secondary service to many of the largest institutions and businesses in the Central Coast and Peninsula, from government buildings to hospitals to hotels. Since we are local, you will have experts at hand to keep service running smoothly. We have a strong, reliable network and experienced technical staff who’ve worked in this field for decades. That’s what it takes to keep internet flowing.


We appreciate the little things we come upon in our installations. Like this:


We don’t mind sharing the roof!