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Magic in the Glen: Shakespeare Santa Cruz and a Midsummer Night’s Dream

If there was ever a masterpiece meant to be brought to life among the redwoods of Santa Cruz, it is A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Enchantment and wonder are no stretch of the imagination when the dappled light of a dreamy forest falls upon your face and friends gather to picnic in the Glen.

Now, I have to admit, from all of William’s works, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is my absolute favorite. I’ve read it more times than I can count, I’ve seen it, and I’ve even rehearsed it; so while I am biased, I expect the absolute best.

And I got it.
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Theater Review of Shipwrecked!

I’m not what you’d call a theater goer. No, my usual forms of entertainment can be found on some sort of screen, whether, film, tv, or video game. But when I got the chance to attend Shakespeare Santa Cruz’s production of Shipwrecked!, I said, “Why not?” I’ll gladly admit that I did absolutely zero research before watching the production. I thought I was in for a swashbuckling adventure with Johnny Depp-like pirates.

While there wasn’t a pirate in sight, I am pleased to report that I had a great time and can highly recommend it to anyone, theater and non-theater goer alike.
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Inbox Siege: Spam on the Rise

Reporter: Amber Allen

Spam levels seemed to have soared over the last few months. According to data Google released on July 1st, spam levels are up 53% from the first quarter of 2009. Why? Are spammers getting cleverer? Finding new tricks? Or just reviving old ways to throw you off?

These are common questions the world over. But, while spam levels are up 53% from 1st quarter 2009, they are up only 6% from 2nd Quarter of 2008. Why did levels decrease and what are some of the factors contributing to the increase?
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