11/29/2017 03:50am – Downtown Power Outage

Due to a major power outage in the downtown area, some of Cruzio’s main Wireless Pro distribution points are running on back up battery power.

As of this writing, no services should be affected (unless your own customer premises power is out.)

We have technicians ready to deploy to our distribution centers if the power is not restored.

11/16/2017 09:20pm – [RESOLVED] Downtown Power Outage

This evening around 6pm power was lost for parts of downtown Santa Cruz, including one of our main point of distribution nods. While our networking equipment is on backup power, some customers may have experienced downtime during the switch to redundant power. Power was restored to the majority of downtown around 9:00pm, including all major Cruzio infrastructure. We apologize for any inconvenience.

11/14/17 12:05 am – Legacy DSL network maintenance

Just after midnight on November 14th, our engineers will be performing maintenance on our Legacy DSL networking equipment.

During the period of work, customers may experience some downtime.

All work should be completed by 6:00am.  If you encounter any connectivity issues, please try power cycling your equipment. This maintenance is only for equipment serving legacy DSL, and will not affect other services including Velocity.

UPDATE: As of approximately 3:30 am, all work is complete.

11/5/2017 2:25pm Wireless Pro Outage Chaminade / Live Oak Area

Around 2:05 we began seeing strange behavior from our equipment at the Chaminade resort.  Technicians and system admin are looking into the issue now.  We are sending technicians to check out the equipment onsite ASAP

This will only affect wireless pro, and dedicated customers connected to the Chaminade access point.  Velocity and DSL customers are unaffected.  Thank you for your patience.