3/16/2016 10:25am – Cruzio mail RESOLVED

Cruzio mail servers experienced a brief outage this morning for a few minutes. Engineers have resolved this issue and any mail sent during the outage should have been queued up and will be delivered if it has not already been delivered. This would have effected only customers with @cruzio.com email addresses. Again, this problem should now be resolved. Thank you.

3/14/16 @ ~ 5pm – Weston Outage RESOLVED

As of around 5pm today 3/14/16, Cruzio technicians completed repairs and restored power to some of our wireless equipment in the Weston area. All customers should be back online. Power cycling internal network devices such as wireless routers may be necessary to restore connectivity. We appreciate your patience.

3/12/16 @ 3:43pm – Weston Outage UPDATE

Cruzio technicians have identified the issue as a bad power cable. The fix requires us to re-run several hundred feet of cable. Cruzio will re-dispatch to the Weston area when the weather clears some. At the moment, it’s supposed to clear up Monday morning 3/14, which is when crews are currently scheduled to complete the repairs. Weather-permitting, we’ll start repairs sooner. Updates will be added to this status as we receive them from the field crews. We appreciate your patience.