3/11/16 @ 5:20PM – Weston outage

Cruzio's wireless equipment on the Weston Road area is currently without power. We have technicians on-site and actively working to resolve this issue. This will only effect Business Broadband customers off of the Weston AP. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will update this status again as soon as the issue is confirmed to be resolved.

3/8/2016 11:05am – Secondary mail service down

We are currently working on a server that hosts email for non-cruzio and non-webhosting email addresses. If you have a cruzio.com email or an email address hosted with one of our web hosting servers this should not effect you. We expect services to be restored for secondary mailboxes very shortly. Any mail sent during this time will be queued and delivered once the services are restored.

03/01/2016 4:30pm – Rebooting host4.cruzio.com

Web hosting server host4.cruzio.com has run into a problem that requires us to reboot in order to fix it. It should be back up in a few minutes and in the meantime any mail sent to customers on this server will be queued up and delivered once services are restored. This should only effect customers with web hosting accounts on this particular server and no one else. Services should be back very soon and possibly by the time this message is delivered. If any complications arrive, updates on this status will be posted.

Email Server Rebooted: 2/22 @ 3:30

An email server had to be rebooted to clear a stuck process. At 4:00am the server was back up back up and all services are restored. Any mail sent during this down time has been
queued up and will be delivered shortly, if not already. Thank you for
your patience. Ya’ll have a great Monday!!!