2015-09-14 7:15am – Host 1 Rebooting

Web hosting server host1.cruzio.com is being rebooted in order to run some emergency disk diagnostics. This should only effect web hosting customers with services on host1.cruzio.com. Any mail sent during this reboot will be queued up and delivered once the server is back online. We apologize for any inconvenience.

2015-09-12 4am – Network Outage RESOLVED

Repair crews have finished replacing several sections of fiber that were damaged as a result of a construction crew working in down town Santa Cruz accidentally hitting an underground conduit that contained fiber optics used by many companies ,including Cruzio. Traffic is now routing back through the fiber and all bandwidth should now be restored.

9/11/15 2:45pm – Reduction in our total backhaul capacity

Cruzio engineers have identified an outage on Cruzio upstream fiber. This outage is causing a reduction in our total backhaul capacity and is causing some customers to experience slower than normal speeds. Cruzio engineers are working hard to resolve this as soon as possible. We have no estimated time of resolution at this time, but we will update this status as necessary. We appreciate your patience.

2015-09-10 3:55pm – Network Outage

Business Broadband, Dedicated Business Broadband, and Enterprise customers may have experienced an outage in the Santa Cruz and Live Oak area. Technicians have already identified and repaired the problem faster than a network status could be posted. We apologize for the inconvenience.