Windows XP Dialup Setup

These instructions assume that you are running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition.

Dialup Setup

  1. Click the Start menu and choose Connect To -> Show All Connections.Note: If you don’t see Connect To, choose Control Panel. Click Network and Internet Connections, and then click Network Connections.
  2. Under the Network Tasks section, click the “Create a new connection” link.
  3. The New Connection Wizard should appear. Click Next.
  4. In the Network Connection Type box, select “Connect to the Internet.” Click Next.
  5. In the Getting Ready box, select “Set up my connection manually.” Click Next.
  6. In the Internet Connection box, select “Connect using a dial-up modem.” Click Next.
  7. In the ISP Name box, type Cruzio. Click Next.
  8. In the “Phone number” box, enter the phone number from your Cruzio Login Information.If, and only if, you have call waiting, enter “*70,” before the phone number. This code disables call waiting while you are on the Internet.

    Click Next.

  9. An Internet Account Information heading should appear.In the “User name” box, enter your Dialup Login (not your Email Login) from your Cruzio Login Information. (All letters in the Dialup Login are lowercase, and Dialup Logins cannot contain spaces.) Important: the “User name” needs to end with “”. If it does not, add it.

    In the Password box, enter your Dialup Password (not your Email Password) from your Cruzio Login Information. (Note that Cruzio passwords are case sensitive and contain no spaces or dots; enter your password, using capitals and small letters, exactly as it appears in your Cruzio Login Information.)

    Uncheck “Turn on Internet Connection Firewall for this connection.” Click Next.

  10. In the “Completing the New Connection Wizard” box, select “Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop.” Click Finish.
  11. A Connect Cruzio window will prompt you to connect through Cruzio. Click Cancel for the moment.

Testing the Connection

Follow the testing instructions below for Firefox or Internet Explorer, whichever web browser you prefer.

Testing with Firefox

Firefox is a free web browser that is more secure than Internet Explorer. You may download it from

    1. Open Firefox (the fox icon on your desktop or in Start -> All Programs).
    2. In the menu, choose Tools -> Options. Click the Main icon (the icon of a switch).


  1. Make sure that “When Firefox starts” is set to “Show my home page.”In the Home Page box, type and then click OK. Close Firefox.

    Skip “Testing with Internet Explorer” and go to “Connecting to Cruzio.”

Testing with Internet Explorer
    1. Open Internet Explorer (the blue ‘e’ icon on your desktop or in Start -> All Programs).
    2. Click Tools (in Internet Explorer 6, it’s in the menu; in Internet Explorer 7, it’s in the toolbar) and choose Internet Options.Click the General tab.
  1. In the Home Page box, type and then click Apply. Click OK. Close Internet Explorer.
Connecting to Cruzio
  1. Go to your Desktop and double-click the Shortcut to Cruzio icon. Click the Dial button.
  2. Open Firefox or Internet Explorer. Verify that you’ve been automatically taken to
  3. If you are able to visit (or any other web page), you are using your Cruzio Dialup!

When you are done browsing the Web, double-click the icon of the two computers on the far right corner of the taskbar. Click the Disconnect button. This will log you out and hang up, leaving your phone line available for calls.