Dedicated Internet Access

Frequently asked questions about Enterprise Broadband

What is Cruzio’s Enterprise Broadband?
This is infrastructure-grade internet. Dedicated guaranteed bandwidth all the way to Cruzio’s gateway. Cruzio’s locally-owned network uses the best available technologies to create a robust, scalable platform for enterprises of any size.

Is this fiber, copper or some other technology?
Our network is a hybrid fiber-wireless model. We use the best technology available for each solution. Our backhaul is dual-path fiber and point-to-point licensed wireless and the paths have proved equally reliable and robust.

Do you have a Service Level Agreement?
Yes, we have an industry-standard SLA guaranteeing 99.99% network availability and a 30-minute response time.

Can you provide references?
Yes, we have many high-profile enterprises using our Enterprise Service including Granite Construction, Chaminade Resorts, Fox Racing Shox, Zero Motorcycles, the Santa Cruz Public Library System and the Santa Cruz Warriors/Kaiser Permanente Arena.

How much bandwidth is available?
We bill bandwidth in the 95th percentile, a common way to bill for bandwidth use on high speed connections. Cruzio measures the bandwidth use on a connection every 5 minutes each calendar month and throws out the top 5%. The highest usage remaining is the commit bandwidth tier we bill at. This allows Cruzio to manage traffic on our network and give you the best possible high-speed connection, while only paying for actual usage. That 5% we throw out equals about 36 hours per month that you can do whatever you like with! We think this is fairer than billing for bandwidth you don’t need all the time, or billing for total transferred data. This represents a ton of transferred data — just shy of 10 Terabytes per month. You’ll be well covered.

How does this service stack up against national ISPs?
It’s better. Faster, more robust, less congested and less expensive. We’re locally owned and operated and we’re invested in the local economy and community. With Cruzio you get more than a connection, you get a technology partner. We will work with you as you grow, and we offer a level of accountability and access to our senior technical staff, that you simply don’t get with bigger ISPs. Connecting with Cruzio, you’ll be connecting with the company that is spearheading broadband growth in the county. As your bandwidth and technology needs evolve, we’ll be there every step of the way.

Tell me more about your network.
We lit up 10 gigabits of fiber transport between our LEED-certified facility at 877 Cedar Street and the Level 3 internet gateway in Sunnyvale. This path is backed up by four redundant point-to-point licensed wireless. Internet bandwidth is provided via redundant data centers and redundant bandwidth providers. We also maintain a backbone of wireless points of presence (POP) on various mountain tops overlooking the Monterey Bay, South San Francisco Bay, and Silicon Valley Regions.