10/10/2017 2:15pm – Secondary mail servers down

…Engineering is currently working on an issue with Cruzio secondary mailboxes (non @cruzio.com and non-web hosting mailboxes). These include baymoon.com, rattlebrain.com, etc… Any mail sent to these addresses during this time will be queued up and delivered once the service has been restored….

2/27/2018 3am – Host5 Down UPDATE

…Web hosting server host5 has suffered a catastrophic failure. Currently mail is coming in but is not able to be retrieved. Database driven websites, control panel, and webmail are also currently not working. Engineers are still working to restore services, but do not yet have an ETA….

2/28/2018 5:00PM – Host5 [UPDATE]

…During the repair process to resolve the recent Host5 failure, Cruzio engineers identified a specific issue and were able to restore customer databases. If you are still experiencing issues with your website, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you further. This only affects web hosting customers who are on our Host5 server….

05/01/2018 10:30PM – Network wide maintenance

…Cruzio engineers have scheduled a maintenance window for the networking equipment that feeds customers on our enterprise, broadband, colocation, coworking, domain hosting, and email networks. This window will end at 3:00AM 5/2/2018. We expect extremely short customer downtime as networking protocols converge and install routes. This network interruption will affect all Cruzio customers with exception of those using our Velocity DSL product….

05/24/2018 11:30AM – [RESOLVED] Host 7 Service Issue

…The failed hardware has been replaced and upgraded. All services should now be restored. It may take a few minutes for all back-logged email to queue up and be delivered, but any mail sent while services were down should be delivered shortly if not already. This should have only effected email for customers with web hosting services on Host7 and is not part of the email upgrade that has been happening this week….

11/20/15 @ 7:47am – Host7 Webhosting Server Rebooting

…11/20/15 @ 7:47am – Host7 Webhosting Server Rebooting One of our web hosting servers, Host7, needs to be rebooted due to a stuck process. This will only affect customers with domains on Host7, and should only last a few minutes. We appreciate your patience. This status will be updated upon completion. Thank you for your patience….