Upgrade to Wireless Pro

  • Cruzio has recently overhauled our broadband infrastructure in your neighborhood and as a valued Cruzio subscriber, we’d like to move you over to the newer and much faster network. The new service requires the installation of a small receiver on your roof or eaves. Order today and get a FREE INSTALLATION!

  • Speed Upgrade

  • Our award-winning, 100 Mbps Wireless Pro service is now only $74.95/month.
  • Need a little more information about this upgrade and the upcoming changes? Check out our blog post about the upgrade.

  • The new service requires the installation of a small receiver on your roof or eaves. What’s the best time/day for our install crew to come to you? * Required
    Our first step is to confirm your service eligibility. Please choose at least 2 different times/days and we’ll try our hardest to fit you in within those times.

  • Optional Add-ons

  • Are you interested in transferring your landline telephone to Ooma Premier Telephone? * Required
    Cruzio has partnered with Ooma to facilitate moving your current telephone number over to a great alternative to an expensive landline telephone.

  • Recommended state-of-the-art Wi-Fi hardware (if you’re already renting a device from us, we’ll upgrade it for free!) * Required
    A Cruzio Gigacenter will maximize speed, ensure the best possible service and support and if there is ever an issue we’ll replace it free of charge. If you decide to use third-party hardware, our available support will be limited. Please note that we can’t guarantee non-Cruzio hardware will work with our service, and there will be a minimum $25 fee if configuration is required.

  • Account Information

    Please enter the information of the person or party that will be responsible for bill payment. This person or party will have final authority over all account matters.
  • Service Information

    Please enter the address where this service will be located:
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See what the locals are saying...

"Just switched over and loving the Wireless Pro service. Since fiber seems a distant dream, I thought I'd go local and so far so good! The install (and installers) were top notch, and the team has been awesome with my questions before/after. I'm loving this local privacy conscious no cap company!!!"

—Scott M.

"Had Cruzio install Wireless Pro at my house on Wednesday. My speed before was 5Mb down & 1Mb up: now it’s 75Mb both down AND up. Installation was no fuss or muss and looks tidy. Great to be able to stream a movie AND download stuff at the same time. *Two Thumbs up!*"

—Gary G.

"I don't know how Cruzio really created an extraordinary and unique place for itself as a true service to its customers, but it (and its staff) did. You may want to write about it some day. Thanks so very much."

—Richard V