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Frequently asked questions about Cruzio Wifi

What is Cruzio Wifi?
Cruzio’s wifi service let’s you add high-speed wifi to any home, business or retail location. We use top-of-the-line enterprise mesh wifi hardware that is highly customizable and extremely robust. Our systems can scale seamlessly for hundreds of users.

Is this what I need to get wifi at my home?
Probably not. For most home users, a standard home wifi router is sufficient. Contact us or swing by our friendly storefront and we can hook you up with the right connection and a suitable and reliable piece of equipment.

Can I password protect my system?
Absolutely. We provide a web-based interface to manage security and password changes. You can password-protect all connections, or establish separate public and private networks.

Can I take credit card payments?
Our systems can be set up to accept all major credit cards and Paypal. Your wifi network can be designed to charge some or all users.

What is Cruzio’s Hotspot program?
Cruzio currently operates more than 40 free wifi hotspots in Santa Cruz County, including Louden Nelson Community Center, Beach Flats Community Center, Plaza Vigil in Watsonville, and many local cafés and restaurants.

Where is Cruzio currently offering free wifi?
You can see all our Hotspots at cruzio.com/wifi-hotspots/

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