We work hard at Cruzioworks. Many small companies and individuals have their own goals but also help each other and find interesting ways to collaborate. We work all sorts of hours, use tremendous amounts of Internet and drink amazing amounts of caffeinated beverages.

And frequently, one of our coworking companies finishes a project. Elegant, useful, creative, marvelous: many products and projects have emerged from the Cruzioworks primordial soup.*

When you’ve met a deadline — finished a manuscript — put together an organization that’s ready to go — it’s a great feeling. A time for the whole community to celebrate.

So Cruzio invented the Launchies. That’s our answer to the Grammies, the Emmies, the Oscars. Every Cruzioworks coworker who launches a product, service or company just needs to let us know. They’ll be feted with champagne and treats, get publicity, and best of all receive the attractive “Launchie” award suitable for display.

This month, September 2012, we  held our first awards event, with champagne and congratulations for the 4 Cruzioworks companies who’ve lately launched products. Let’s give them a round of applause:

Each had a chance to speak to talk about their project to the assembled crowd before accepting a beautiful award designed by local artist (and Cruzio staffer) Zac Garfield. 
Daniel photobomb!

What elegance: champagne and strawberries

We opened up the classroom to include the coworking atrium

Nice picture of our first Launchie winners holding their awards: Paul Plansky, Emily Cohan, Robert Singleton & Manu Koenig

IMG_9985And in the Cruzio tradition, second picture is a goofy one!

*(At Cruzioworks, we try to create the perfect environment for startups or small companies to succeed: take one beautiful, green building with 40 glass-and-metal private offices as well as a vast common space. Add ergonomic seating, well-equipped meeting rooms, projectors & audio equipment for events. Pour in a a hundred+ creative people and several gallons of best-quality coffee and tea per day. Light it up with 10 gigabitsper-second fiber Internet. Meet frequently to stir the pot.)