Cruzio is revamping our award-winning website, and we’re requesting proposals from local web designers and design teams to manage this project. It’s been several years since we last overhauled, and we’re excited to collaborate with our thriving tech community on the next step in our site’s evolution.

Cruzio requires a vendor who has demonstrated experience in managing website projects and expertise with best practices regarding successful website design, development, and deployment.

About Cruzio

Cruzio is Santa Cruz County’s oldest and largest Internet Service Provider. Established in 1989, Cruzio offers multi-gigabit fiber Internet, business-grade wireless Internet, DSL, email, website hosting, hands-on classes, computer care, and an on-site colocation data center and coworking space.

Project Background

The current incarnation of is heavily focused on user-generated content, local portal features and social networking. We are seeking to narrow focus and concentrate on content that has proved most popular and useful, especially Cruzio services and Member tools, while improving access to modern third party plugins, components and widgets, and content from other local sites

As an early ISP breaking new ground in Santa Cruz County, was established as a free portal. It has never been a profit center and has been kept up as a contribution to the community. We do not see this changing.

Current site usage is the 3rd most-visited site in Santa Cruz County with over 50,000 unique visitors and 400,000 pageviews per month.

Current top pages (unique visitors per month):

  • Home page
  • Weather
  • Profile page
  • Traffic
  • Movie showtimes
  • Services
  • Web cameras
  • Contact Us
  • Cruzioworks
  • Support
  • Direct visits are 58% of total, search is 36%, 5% referral
  • Returning visitors are 79%, new are 21%
  • English is over 98%, Spanish is .5%
  • Nearly 40% of viewers have returned more than 200 times
  • 40% of visitors are on Cruzio’ s ISP network
  • 10% are on mobile (mostly ipads & iphones, about equally)

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to redesign the Cruzio site to:

  • Promote and sell Cruzio products, services, events, etc. Maximize Sales conversions.
  • Give increased access to Member Tools to encourage self-service and reduce phone traffic
  • Minimize Total Cost of Ownership
  • Provide opportunities for link backs to our members and customers to improve their sites’ page ranks
  • Provide local information to customers
  • Promote Cruzio brand
  • Communicate with our members
  • Improve search functionality
  • Present Cruzio support information in user-friendly way
  • Provide advertising revenue opportunities
  • Improve access to modern third party plugins, components and widgets
  • Incorporate more content from other local sites

Project Requirements:

  • Cruzio must own site and have full access to all content, code, etc.
  • Platform should work as close to out-of-the-box as possible with minimal custom coding or hacks.
  • Platform should be easily maintained with active development community, clear & consistent upgrade process, etc.
  • Platform must provide excellent Search capabilities.
  • Platform must prioritize Mobile usage.
  • Site should be highly secure and use the latest version of all the software: platform, PHP, OS


Site will be hosted by Cruzio on Cruzio-owned hardware. No other hosting options will be considered.


Site must be built using existing Cruzio style guide, colors, logos, etc.

Copy & Graphics

Cruzio will provide all copy and graphics for site.

Content Management

Site should be built using a Content Management System (CMS) that will enable Cruzio staff to easily maintain and add content. All content management will be performed by Cruzio staff.

Associated Databases/Software

Site must incorporate existing Cruzio-built Account Center, Ticketing Interface, Sign-up form and Webmail and allow future integration of outside tools.

Required Elements

Site must incorporate the following exiting pages and elements:

a. Template/Navigation

  • Responsive template layout
  • Navigation/header: Major — Home/Support/Member Center/Services; Minor — Contact Us/Network Status/Weather/Traffic/Blog/Coworking

b. Primary sections, main content

  • Home page
  • Services Page
  • Support section
  • Member Center (including Ticketing Interface, Account Center and Cruzio Mail access)
  • Cruzio Blog
  • Contact Us
  • Network Status
  • Weather/Surf
  • Traffic
  • Coworking

c. Minor sections, additional content

  • News/Media
  • Headlines module (on home page)
  • Streaming media page
  • Cruzio Event Calendar
  • Cruzio Member listings
  • Works Member Listings
  • Cruzio Consultants listings
  • Cruzio Wifi Hotspot List & Map
  • Web cams
  • Crime Map
  • Speed test
  • Network status
  • About Cruzio
  • Newsletter archive
  • Search Results
  • Advertise with us
  • Wifi Hotspot application
  • Testimonials
  • Terms of Use
  • Internet principles page
  • My Website login page
  • Choose a domain tool
  • Forgot password page
  • Advertising modules

Search Engine Optimization

Site must be Search Engine Optimized and changes to site should not have any negative impact on current Google Page Rank/overall SEO, site traffic and value to advertisers. Platform must support Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs. Current URLs must be retained or forwarded.

ADA Compliance

The website should be compliant with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Traffic Reporting

Google Analytics should be enabled on all pages.


The desired delivery date for the revised website is Nov 1 2013

Proposal Instructions

Please reply letting us know you are interested in responding, and would like to be included in clarification emails and any Q&A sessions, by May 31st.

All proposals should be received by 4pm on July 1st 2013. Submit your proposal by email

As part of your proposal, please provide the following:

  • Sample Project Plan
  • Simple, non-functional mockup
  • Project Cost
  • Your approach to website design
  • Platform recommendations
  • Details regarding your website project management process
  • A summary of website development experience
  • A listing of existing client references
  • Identify who will be involved on your project team, including their relevant experience and credentials

Please be sure to include the name and contact details of persons to be approached for clarification of the proposal if needed.

Additional Information or Clarification


James Hackett

Business Development, Marketing & Communications Manager

Cruzio Internet

831.459.6301 x280