We’ve made some big changes to cruzio.com and below we’ve tried to answer some questions you might have. If you have other questions, or absolutely any other feedback on the new site, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

How do I check my Cruzio email?

@cruzio.com email users and additional domain email users (@baymoon, @rattlebrain, etc) can access their webmail login screen in number of ways:

a. Click on the envelope icon in the top-right hand corner of every page.
b. Hover on the Member Tools link in main menu and then click ‘Cruziomail’
c. Visit the Member Tools landing page at cruzio.com/member-tools/ and click ‘Cruziomail’

Either route you take will get you to the webmail login screen where you can login and as you usually do. We’ve made some slight changes to the colors and fonts of the mail interface. We hope you approve of the changes.

How do I pay my Cruzio bill?

To pay your Cruzio bill, read your statement or edit your account information, log in to our Account center by either:

a. Clicking the credit card icon in the top-right hand corner of every page.
b. Hover on the Member Tools link in main menu and then click ‘Account Center’
c. Visit the Member Tools landing page at cruzio.com/member-tools/ and click ‘Account Center’

I have a website hosted with Cruzio — how do I get to my email and control panel?

From the Member Tools menu, click ‘Domain Tools’. This will open our new Domain Tools login window. Enter your domain name and select either Webmail or Control Panel to get to the correct server login for your website.

Can I still see local and world news, weather, surf and traffic reports?

Absolutely. We know many people use cruzio.com as their homepage — the place they start their day — so we’ve tried to make all those features more-easily accessible than ever. All headlines, weather, surf and traffic are all right there on the homepage (just keep scrolling!) and have individual pages linked to from the homepage and footer.

How do I open a Support ticket, access your Support documents and Speed Tester?

Support content has been gathered under the new Support Center. To reach it go to the Member Tools menu and select Support Center.

Why all the changes?

First and foremost, the platform the site was built on was outdated and for the sake of performance, security and reliability it was time to shift to a newer, more sustainable technology base.

Secondly, it had been over 5 years since our last redesign and we felt it was well overdue. We wanted to go with a fresh, modern look, remove some of the lesser-used features and totally streamline the site for performance and accessibility. The new site is faster, cleaner, easier to keep updated and custom-built to allow us to include more content from other local sites.

Who designed and built the new site?

Cruzio’s design team worked with Mike Brogan Consulting to create the new site. Some of you may remember Mike from his days working at Cruzio doing tech support, marketing and running our classes program. If you’re interested in working with Mike on a new site he can be contacted at mike@mikebroganconsulting. We absolutely loved working with him on our site and heartily recommend his services.

What about the stuff that’s no longer featured on the site?

We did remove a lot of features that weren’t heavily-used, and we feel are better provided by other sites and services online.

a. Profile Page

The Profile page has been replaced by a more practical center for our Member Tools. If you’ve been using your Profile Page as a “Business Card” website we’d be happy to point that URL to another site — perhaps a Facebook page, blog or small custom site. If you’re interested in developing a new web presence, we can put you in touch with some great local web designers.

b. Business Listings

We’ve retired much of the Santa Cruz Guide and will no longer be attempting to provide a definitive list of all Santa Cruz businesses. We will still be sharing the benefits of our popular site with members by continuing to publish consultants and other business listings, wifi hotspots and webcams, as well as publicizing member events in the Cruzioworks space.

c. Photos

We’ll no longer be providing photo uploading and publishing services. We’ll archive all your photos for 6 months and, if you need them, just email us and we’ll be happy to get them to you. We recommend using a service like Flickr.com, Picasa.google.com or Instagram.com.

d. Blogs

We recommend using an online blogging platform like Tumblr or WordPress.com. If you need help setting your own custom blog, we can connect you with a local consultant. We’d also be happy to link to your new blog from cruzio.com, adding valuable SEO.

e. Community Calendar

On the new site, our calendar will be focused on events happening at Cruzioworks. There are several general community calendars in Santa Cruz — e.g. gtweekly.com and santacruzweekly.com — and we are also actively collaborating with the City to establish a definitive, open community calendar.

f. Movies

It’s been challenging keeping the Movie page accurate and up to date and rather than provide incorrect information, we’ll now be recommending checking santacruzweekly.com, gtweekly.com or movies.google.com for movie times.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new site. Please use the form below to share your thoughts and ideas, or ask a question we haven’t covered here. Thanks for using cruzio.com!

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