Every month Cruzio has the opportunity to attend the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup, hosted by Doug Erickson and company. These fantastic events showcase a collection of different rising entrepreneurs in the county. It is always exciting to see what new work is happening right here in Santa Cruz!


Here’s a recap of the talks and pitches from Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup’s June installment that we had the privilege to attend.


Speaker: Jeremy Neuner

Jeremy gave an inspiring talk citing all the world-changing ideas and concepts that (in hindsight) could only have come from a place such as Santa Cruz. Jeremy serves as Executive Director to Santa Cruz Works. They work to further the “Tech Scene” in Santa Cruz by attracting outside businesses, promoting local tech companies and building networking opportunities.  See what they’re all about at: http://www.santacruzworks.org/



Speaker: Ed Gaudet

Imprivata is a company working to bring modern tech connectivity to medical offices. They’re working on streamlining computer interactions as well as providing HIPAA compliant communications suites, such as SMS messages and connectivity apps. They hope to cut the time-to-care period for on call doctors from 45 minutes down to 15 minutes! What was traditionally a 16-step process can go down to only a 6-step one. They argued that efficiency in healthcare correlates to lives saved. Imprivata is a 400+ employee company based out of Boston. Twenty of the employees are based in Santa Cruz. They’re actively looking to recruit Android developers and encourage local applicants to contact them. Check them out at: http://www.imprivata.com/



Night Owl – Speaker: Brian Vallelunga

Night Owl is an SMS and iOS based micro tutoring service. This means that anyone can send in a picture of a math problem (soon to also include science and economics) and you will get access to a live tutor that will send you back a solution to your problem along with up to twenty minutes of text conversation to explain the solution. Currently, Night Owl undertakes math levels covered from grade K-12 up to college undergrad. Night Owl operates internationally and is focusing on the Australia and New Zealand regions this summer. View them on their site at: https://www.heynightowl.com/



Speaker: Shannon Stillman

Idea Fab Labs is not only new to the network at Cruzio but they have also recently opened for service! They are a shared workshop and maker space which facilitates project design and creation. They are a design lab that contains the production tools and resources for conducting project design in electronics, woodwork, jewelry, textiles and 3D printing. Located at the Wrigley Building, 2879 Mission St. Extension in Santa Cruz. You can see the space for yourself at: http://santacruz.ideafablabs.com/



Speaker: Jordon Humphreys

ScreenBeacon is a website status monitoring service. When unfamiliar activity is detected (due to coding updates and other changes) ScreenBeacon will notify the corresponding users via text and email. ScreenBeacon monitors for slight differences in sample areas of a site. When something awry is detected they send off notifications. Their service works via plugins on a web browser and is used to select the key sample areas of a given site. The service is currently under public beta and is free to use! Check them out at: https://www.screenbeacon.com/



Speaker: Tate Howe

QuickComply is a website that offers a single location for business owners to find all the state and federal compliance requirements to best assist their company. 4.5 billion dollars go to government fines and fees every year, however, it also costs the government more than that to collect those fees. This site brings together all of the disparate information into one spot. Currently under public beta testing and is a free app. View their website at: http://www.quickcomplyapp.com/


Inspiring Ent.

Speaker: Janneke Lang

The Inspiring Enterprise is an accelerator for social ventures. They assist aspiring entrepreneurs towards financial and operational self-sufficiency. They can support either for-profits or non-profits so long as there are specific social or environmental goals in mind. They typically offer six or ten month acceleration programs. As of now, they are sponsoring three different ventures on a three month program. You can support their cause by donating to their main site or joining their raffle for a remote controlled camera drone! View at: https://fundly.com/launchtheinspiringenterprise