After the first 1,244 surveys, we stopped and took a snapshot so you can see how your neighborhood is doing. (We meant to count at 1,000 surveys but they were coming in really fast!)

The more Cruzio customers and survey takers a neighborhood has, the higher up it can go on the list. If you’re a Cruzio customer and take the survey, even better.

Surveys are particularly important for neighborhoods that are complicated or far from downtown. If it’s complicated to lay fiber to your area, we really need to see a lot of interest!

(Remember, to see a map of neighborhoods, look at our previous blog post. Or just take the survey, when you put in your address you’ll see what neighborhood you’re in.)

First of all, check out the pins below. People in every neighborhood in Santa Cruz have said they want gigabit Internet.


Which neighborhood had the most surveys out of the first 1,244? Here’s a chart:


You can see that certain neighborhoods have way more people contributing than others.

When you look at percentages, though, the neighborhoods are a lot closer. It makes sense — the smallest number of surveys comes from Harvey West, and few people live there. When you look at the percentages, though, you’ll see neighborhoods aren’t so different. Just a few extra surveys can have a big effect.


Every survey makes a difference! Remember to tell friends and family to take the survey.