To get fiber to every building in the City of Santa Cruz, Cruzio has divided the town up into 26 separate neighborhoods. Each will have its own hub leading back to Cruzio’s powerful Internet backbone.

Every neighborhood has about 1,000 homes or fewer, based on what a hub can comfortably accommodate and how the terrain is laid out. Our engineers drew borders along major roads and environmental barriers like arroyos or creeks.

We’ll build to as many neighborhoods as we can right off the bat. And neighborhoods will have priority based on several factors, the most important of which is enthusiasm. If we know we’ll have plenty of customers in a neighborhood, we’ll be much more likely to build there.

To see who’s interested, we put a survey up at The survey, along with a count of our existing customers, will be critical in determining whose neighborhood gets gigabit service first.

How’s your neighborhood doing? Check the next blog post to see.

Here’s a map showing where the neighborhoods lie:

Fiber neighborhoods in Santa Cruz

Fiber neighborhoods in Santa Cruz