Cruzio is excited to be building competitive community fiber in the City of Santa Cruz. But we know there’s a lot more to be done around the County.

Cruzio is a Santa Cruz County-based provider — our business and employees are all local. We have members from Boulder Creek to Pajaro and everywhere in between. So we care a lot about good infrastructure all around the County, enabling us to serve all our customers. And almost everywhere, the infrastructure we need for the future still needs to be built. Installing it will be a big job.

Cruzio has to invest one step at a time, and the City of Santa Cruz is first for a number of reasons:
  1. We already have two fiber hubs and a data center in the City. It’s efficient for us to build out from here.
  2. The City of Santa Cruz has been extremely interested and helpful in planning a project with us.
  3. We’ve got to start somewhere.

What Cruzio’s Doing to Improve Service Around the County

We’re working on other areas too. Here’s what is happening around the County:

1. We’ve already started putting fiber around the County. We have built out a fiber hub in Scotts Valley and, with the help of the City of Watsonville, are planning one in that city too.

2. Our fiber-backed wireless network reaches many areas. Wireless technology has come a long way in the last few years and we are confident it’s as fast and as reliable as wired networks. (The issue with wireless isn’t quality — it’s how many people we can serve.) When we can reach you, we guarantee you will love the service.

3. Cruzio pushed hard for the Sunesys project, which will bring a fiber backbone down the middle of Santa Cruz County in the next few years and will help us connect houses and businesses throughout the area.

4. We are hoping to replicate the model we’re using for the City of Santa Cruz for other areas of the County that have similar community support.

5. Cruzio is working with local officials like Assemblyman Mark Stone, Supervisor Zach Friend (a shout out to Stone and Friend staffers Kieran Kelly and Patrick Mulhearn!) and others. We regularly speak at meetings encouraging community activism on broadband infrastructure. We’re an active member of the Central Coast Broadband Consortium. We are pushing hard for anything that will help get broadband to lower income and hard-to-reach areas.

What You Can Do to Encourage Broadband Around the County:
1. Let Cruzio know you want it: enter your location here and we will reach out to you.
2. Let your elected officials know it’s a priority.
3. Join our independent network as a customer. It’s a network: every point helps us reach other points.