Cruzio’s Santa Cruz Fiber project to bring gigabit-speed fiber internet to all of Santa Cruz is taking its next big step forward this month, as final permits are set to be approved for construction of the downtown portion of the high-speed network.

Since 2015, Cruzio and the City of Santa Cruz have been working on a citywide fiber project. As the project progressed and data was gathered on initial and ongoing costs, it became clear that, rather than immediately borrowing an enormous sum for an all-at-once build, it would be more prudent to pursue a pilot project to act as a proof of concept.

The partnership has already made substantial inroads in launching gigabit-class internet. Last year, the City and Cruzio partnered to bring gigabit internet to the Riverwalk Apartments and extended gigabit-class service to 17 other buildings around town, including the Louden Nelson Center, the Tannery Arts Center and City Hall, where the public can enjoy amazing world-class broadband.

Now the most exciting milestone so far: construction of the first full “fiberhood” serving businesses and residences in downtown Santa Cruz with gigabit internet for fifty bucks a month. This is the first phase of the much larger network providing low-cost fiber internet service to all City residents and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

“This is what it’s all about,” said Cruzio’s CEO Peggy Dolgenos. “To finally be breaking ground and getting this much-needed service to downtown makes all our hard work worthwhile.”

This week city council also approved a “dig once policy and a plan that will connect City-owned facilities with fiber — both excellent ideas. Since both the City and Cruzio are now building fiber, we can leverage each other’s investment and coverage capacity to do more at a lower cost.
Cruzio is committed to working with the City in providing broadband access to the whole community and the City remains committed to working with a trusted local partner to achieve this shared goal. Our first neighborhood is scheduled to be completed by this fall and then we will come back to the City with a larger plan for success. One way or another, slowly or quickly, Cruzio’s long-time ambition to provide ubiquitous, disruptively fast internet will be achieved.