The Winner: Tim Hartnett

If you want fiber optic speeds, and Net Neutrality 

Friendly people you can talk to at a local company

Hook up with the coolest internet I know 

Get connected with Cruzio 

Get connected with Cruzio

Sven 1

It takes a lot of fiber

To hold the world together

Cruzio’s got it,

The best in town! 

Sven 2

Time to upgrade

My old internet

And I know just

What I want

It’s fast and secure and for home and for business with fiber enhancements and who has all that!?!

Cruzio! Cruzio! Cruzio. Cruzio! 

The local choice is clear


Happy Streaming 

Email Greetings

It’s all here at Cruzio

Fast Fiber

No Copper Wire

It’s all here at Cruzio

Friendly service 

You deserve it

It’s all here at Cruzio

30 years ago

Santa Cruz’s own

It’s all here at Cruzio 

It’s all here at Cruziooo ——–


I’m trusting Cruzio

I love it truth be told

I’ll be online so quick

It’s friendly and fast

And it will save you some cash

Online, at the speed of a click

{Click sound}


Where do i get my internet from


Fast fiber optics for your home or business


Friendly fast and local, private net neutral



If you want internet


It’s the way to go


It’s the way to go 


If you’re on the internet


If you’re on the internet


It’s the way to go

Business or home

Fast, friendly, local


Faster, private, net-neutral internet. For Fiber, and beyond.


Cruzio is the place to go

Ultra high speed internet connections guaranteed

The other companies ain’t got no soul

Future proof your business with Cruzio


Future proof your business with cruzio

Cruzio is the place to go 


Cruzio is fast

high speed internet for your home

and your business oh yeah

Cruzio is fast oh yeah

Fiber fiber fiber fiber fiber fiber oh yeah

Cruzio is fast oh yeah!



Connect and go

Fiber optics boost your flow 

Get hooked up by a local bro

Surf the web with Cruzio

Dream Tonic

Cruzio – Today is a happy day

Cruzio – Fiber speed, comin’ your way

Cruzio – At home or your business away

Cruzio – is your local choice today…


{Beat boxing} 

Cruzio cruzio cruzio cruzio CRUZIO (in Figaro tune)

{More beat boxing}

Hey santa cruz county 

This is our jingle 

Our internet so strong 

It’ll make your bits tingle

Gigbit speeds that’s fast fast fast 

Our customer service is built to last

Ya got a business or netflix

You already know

You need that internet to flow flow flow 

And that’s why you want 

Cruzio (in Figaro tune)

Lalalalala lalalalala laaaaaa


Cruzio, Cruzio, Cruzio x2

I get my internet 

From Cruzio

And then I go-o-o-oh

High speed, friendly, local, home, business 

fiber optic net neutral connectivity 


Sunny santa cruz

Home of 


Fast speed


Surf the web

With your local bros

Ain’t no sharks in these waters

We’re the fiber optic doctors

Take it from me

Give as a call at

831-459-6301 (x2)


Cruzing California

A whooshing sound, rising to a big crescendo. No lyrics.

The Jingleberries

If you need the internet in your business or in your home

Cruzio fiber keeps you online all day long

Local and fast they give you the service you want and need

High speed internet from the boardwalk to UCSC

That’s why we’re surfing, surfing, surfing with Cruzio

Surfing, surfing, all the Santa Cruz locals know

Broadband wireless service is tireless

Everyone wants to go

And keep on surfing, surfing, surfing with Cruzio


For the fastest connections to patch you through

With fiber-optics that cannot lose,

There’s only one that surfs like you do:

Cruzio, here in Santa Cruz.

We lead the way

Here locally,

Call Cruzio today!