This year marks our 30th Anniversary, and as we do every year, we’re set to throw a massive party! But this year, as part of our party, we’re hosting something to really celebrate our landmark anniversary.

This year we decided to do something special: we’re hosting a Jingle Competition! We’re looking to find a song that gets stuck in your head forever and makes you think “Man, I could go for some locally owned, net neutral, fiber-optic internet right now.”

Well, we asked and you responded. So here we present our nominees for the new Cruzio Internet Jingle! We invite you to take a listen below and vote for your favorites. And be sure to come by the Open House Extravaganza on Friday November 1st to see who won (and also just to have a great time at another excellent party.)

Here are the nominees:


And please, let us know what your favorites were below, we’d genuinely love to know.