06/04/2018 11:00PM – Network engineering testing

Cruzio engineers have scheduled a maintenance window for testing networking equipment that feeds customers on our enterprise, broadband, colocation, coworking, domain hosting, and email networks.

This maintenance window is scheduled for 11:00pm on Monday, June 4th until 2:00AM on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018. We expect extremely short customer downtime as our network switches to an alternate path during testing.

This network interruption will affect all Cruzio customers with exception of those using our Velocity DSL product.

05/02/2018 2:02AM – Webhosting server host4 restarting

Web hosting server host4 (host4.cruzio.com) has been restarted for some emergency maintenance. This only effect customers with web hosting services on host4.  The server will return to normal operation in a few minutes.

Any mail sent while the server is down will be queued and delivered once the restart process is complete.

05/24/2018 11:30AM – [RESOLVED] Host 7 Service Issue

The failed hardware has been replaced and upgraded. All services should now be restored. It may take a few minutes for all back-logged email to queue up and be delivered, but any mail sent while services were down should be delivered shortly if not already. This should have only effected email for customers with web hosting services on Host7 and is not part of the email upgrade that has been happening this week.

05/24/2018 9:30AM – [UPDATE] Host 7 Service Issue

Web hosting server host7 has experienced a hardware failure. Engineers are currently working to rebuild the failed hardware, but do not have an ETC yet. Any mail sent during this time will be queued up and delivered once the server is back online. This should only be effecting customers who have web hosting services on Host7.