5/2/2017 11:00PM – Connectivity Issues in San Jose, Watsonville, Scotts Valley Areas

An intermittent connectivity issue began as early as 11pm on 5/2/17, affecting Wireless Pro, Dedicated, and Enterprise customers in the San Jose, Watsonville, and Scotts Valley Areas only. We have opened a trouble ticket with our upstream provider,  and we will continue to amend this status as we receive updates from them. Customers in the affected areas may experience very brief/intermittent periods of downtime until our upstream provider has resolved the issue. Thank you for your patience.

2017-04-30 – 4:00pm Fiber outage

Cruzio engineers are currently looking into an issue with our primary fiber connection for customers with Enterprise and Business Broadband services in the Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, and Watsonville areas.

We have escalated to our upstream provider, who are working on a fix for the issue.

This will affect customers with Colocation, Enterprise, Business Broadband, Dedicated Business Broadband and Cruzioworks services.  Velocity, DSL, and dial-up customers are not affected.

We will post updates and developments here as we get them. We thank you for your patience.

4/29/2017 – 7:15am [Resolved] Downtown Power Outage

This morning around 6am PG&E power was lost for part of downtown Santa Cruz, including our office building. While our networking equipment is on backup power, some customers may have experienced downtime during the switch to redundant power. Power was restored the majority of downtown at 7:15am, including all major Cruzio infrastructure. We apologize for any inconvenience.