2/4/2019 3:00am – Network Disruptions

Last night at 3:16am, and at 3:37am, Cruzio experienced two unanticipated network events. These resulted in significant but temporary loss of connectivity for Cruzio customers. Cruzio engineers are working to determine the cause and to prevent future recurrences. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

If you continue to experience any issues with your service, please give our Customer Service team a call at 831-459-6301 opt 2.

02/01/2019 11:40am – Santa Cruz Fiber System Maintenance

Cruzio is performing a system update to address a minor but critical vendor bug on our Fiber Pro network.

This should result in downtime of under one minute as the system updates. If you experience downtime on your Fiber service longer than 5 minutes please contact Customer service ASAP at 831-459-6301.

All work will be completed by 2pm and will impact ONLY customer served by Cruzio’s Santa Cruz Fiber network. Wireless Pro, Velocity, DSL and other dedicated services are unaffected by this work.

1/28/2019 4:00PM – Seabright, Live Oak, and Capitola maintenance

Cruzio engineers have scheduled a maintenance window to upgrade networking equipment that serves customers in Seabright, Live Oak, and Capitola. This will affect customers with Certified, Wireless, Dedicated, and Enterprise Broadband access services. This will not affect Velocity or DSL services.

We have scheduled this maintenance window for Monday, January 28th 2019 at 4-5PM.

We expect actual customer downtime to be less than 5 minutes.