04/06/2019 8am – Host10 down

We are currently experiencing a hardware failure with web hosting server host10.cruzio.com. This will effect anyone who has shared web hosting services on host10, but no one else. Any mail being sent to customers on this server will be queued and delivered once we have services restored. This status will be updated when we have more information.

4/1/2019 12:45pm – Phishing email targeting Cruzio customers

Cruzio Internet is aware of a phishing email that began circulating to our customers early Sunday. The email has a subject line of “Important Notice”, states that the customer is past-due on their bill, and provides a fraudulent link to sign in with their login credentials. This email is not from Cruzio Internet and can be deleted. If you have entered your information into their form, please visit our password reset page at https://tools.cruzio.com/forgot/, or contact Cruzio customer service for assistance at 831-459-6301.