03/05/2020 9:00AM – Outgoing Email Issues

Engineers are working on an upstream issue preventing the outgoing sending capability for Cruzio email customers. There is no ETA at this time, but engineers are aware of and actively working on the problem. This issue is not affecting customers with hosting email accounts. We will update this status message when we have further information.

02/20/2019 9:135AM – Emergency maintenance for Seabright, mid-town, and Live Oak areas

Cruzio engineers have scheduled a service-impacting emergency maintenance window to resolve networking and routing issues with equipment that serves customers in the Seabright, mid-town, and Live Oak areas of Santa Cruz.

This will affect customers with Certified, Wireless, Dedicated, and Enterprise Broadband access services. This will not affect Velocity or DSL services.

We expect actual customer downtime to be less than 5 minutes.