6/4/2022 6:25AM – Service interruption for some certified customers near the McPherson center/Abbott square [RESOLVED]

6:37am 6/4/2022:Some Certified customers near McPherson center/Abbott square are experiencing a service interruption due to a power issue. Cruzio engineers are onsite and are currently working to resolve the issue . We will update this message as more information becomes available.

Update 11:25am 6/4/2022: Services were restored as of about 12am this morning. If you are still experiencing any issues, please contact customer support.

6/1/22 – DSLConnect phase out for Half Moon Bay (COMPLETE)

Earlier this year we notified subscribers of DSLConnect (also known as “Legacy” DSL, ADSL1) that our upstream provider was beginning the process of winding down service earlier this year. That phase out is now complete. Most of these subscribers have been transitioned to alternate service.

If you are an affected subscriber and have not yet reached out to us about your service, please give us a call at 831-459-6301 to discuss alternate connectivity options that may be available to you. Please note that Surflink subscribers are not affected by this change.