1/12/15 @ 2:15PM – Scotts Valley Wireless Outage

We are currently experiencing an issue for some of our customers in the Scotts Valley area with wireless Internet connections. This issue is preventing traffic from flowing to customers fed from the Cruzio point of presence at 5900 Butler St. This also includes customers with wired connections within the Enterprise Technology Center.

Cruzio techs are actively investigating the cause of the outage and will update this network status as the situation progresses.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.

3:38pm 12/31/14 — Cruzio Network Traffic on Secondary Connection

Cruzio’s main fiber backhaul connection is currently down and all customer traffic is routing over our backup link. No customers are down, but at times of heavy load, Internet speeds may be somewhat impacted until the main fiber path is restored.

Our upstream provider as already dispatched crews to the site but we have no confirmed ETA for repair. As such, speeds may be impacted through the weekend. We will update our Network Status as soon as we have more information.

Our network is designed to react to occasional disruption on our primary connection and when the incident occurred traffic automatically failed-over to the secondary link with no downtime for customers.

Thank you.

2014-12-30 9:05am Loma Prieta Wireless Outage

Our technicians have located a problem with one of the power supplies at our Mt Loma Prieta tower that is effecting customers in Weston and a few customers connected directly to that tower. Technicians are now en route to the location and will be switching out the power supply very shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.