11/2 @ 12:25am Westside Santa Cruz outage UPDATE ADDENDIUM

After posting the previous two updates on the Westside outage, our network techs doing these updates realized that it was technically 11/2 due to the outage happening after midnight, not 11/1 as previously reported.

Now would be a perfect time to attribute this user error to this morning’s day light saving time change, but ‘Fall back’ is only for an hour, not a whole day!  Sorry for any confusion.

11/1 @ 12:25am Westside Santa Cruz outage UPDATE

The Westside Santa Cruz outage has been resolved as of 1:30AM, pre-day light saving time switch over.  The previous report of a building-wide PG&E outage was unfortunately incorrect.  We discovered that one of the power ports that one of this site’s primary network components was plugged into had gone bad, so we were able to migrate power over to a new working circuit.  That faulty circuit has been flagged for future maintenance during business hours.

Wireless internet services should be fully restored to all Westside customers.

10/31 @ 1:30pm – Weston Rd. / West Wireless Outage

Our technicians are aware of the issue and are investigating the issue.   Currently customers fed from the West portion of Weston Rd. are experiencing an outage, we will post updates as soon as we get them.   We apologize for the inconvenience.   This issue only pertains to our business broadband customers on Weston Rd., all other systems are up and operational.