Connecting a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to a Wireless Network

…resh connection using the new password. See these how-tos for forgetting a wireless network on your Mac, or forgetting a wireless network on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Make sure you are using a dynamic connection, and no proxy. Check your Network settings: On Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or newer: Click the Apple Menu and select System Preferences. Click the Network icon. In the left-hand pane, select Wi-Fi (called AirPort in older OS X versions)….

Cruzio’s Fixed Wireless Work

…et modern high-speed internet to a house or other building is with a fixed wireless connection. Wireless requires no construction, just installation. It’s easy to upgrade, replace or move. Like fiber optics, wireless connections have been used for decades by large corporations and universities, often over long distances. As individual households now use as much data as whole cities used to (watching movies, telecommuting, gaming), fast technology…

We’re Expanding Fiber-Backed Wireless Pro Service to Even More of Watsonville

…ring them even faster speeds — we’re talking 1 Gigabit per second, or 1,000 Mbps — to as many areas as we possibly can. So if you’re ready for some of the fastest speeds in the nation, we’re ready to hear from you! In our last post about Wireless Pro, we said we’ve got even more big news about our growing Wireless Pro network on the horizon. Well, we’re not done yet. Our network is constantly growing, and we’ll have even more to share about our gr…

07/28/2017 07:25am – Wireless Pro Outage Eastside

…Cruzio Internet’s wireless network is experiencing a Wireless Pro outage, this is affecting Wireless Pro customers on Cruzio’s wireless network. The affected locations are portions of the Chaminade and Live Oak area. Engineers are out in the field working to resolve the issue and we should be able to provide updates shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience….

Our New Wireless Pro Access Point is Live In Scotts Valley

…side the blue shapes above, we’re ready to connect you to our fiber-backed wireless network as soon as you are. The first step towards your new Wireless Pro connection is filling out your address on our Santa Cruz Fiber Homepage. Now, let’s talk speeds. Wireless Pro has speeds up to 100 megabits per second for both uploading and downloading, and average speeds of around 75 megabits per second. It’s especially great for activities like putting vide…

4/9/2017 9:25pm – [RESOLVED] Midtown Santa Cruz Wireless-Pro outage

…We have resolved the issue affecting Wireless Pro customers in the Midtown, Seabright, and Live Oak areas of Santa Cruz. All Wireless-Pro customer services have been restored. We appreciate your patience while we mitigated the issue and we have taken preventative measures to avoid this disturbance in the future. This issue only affected customers with Cruzio Wireless access services. Velocity, DSL, and dialup were not affected….

2015-07-24 3:20pm – Wireless Network Outage

…Cruzio Internet’s wireless network experienced a brief outage, between 3:20pm and 3:30pm today. This affected Business Broadband and Enterprise customers on Cruzio’s wireless network. The affected locations were portions of lower downtown Santa Cruz, West Cliff, Branciforte, Chaminade, and Live Oak. This network interruption was resolved as of 3:30pm. Total downtime was 10 minutes.  …