We eat, sleep and breathe Internet here at Cruzio, and we know that in Santa Cruz we’re not the only ones. This is a high-tech community, with a thriving tech scene that’s right about ready to explode. So I guess it shouldn’t surprise us that folks around the County are crying out for ever better, faster, more reliable broadband.

Even so, the demand for our super-speedy new links has been a pleasant surprise and our Enterprise and Technology Services teams have had their hands full keeping up. These last 6 months we’ve set up dozens of new connections and we’re getting much needed bandwidth to local notables like Zero Motorcycles, Fox Racing Shox, Santa Cruz City Hall and the Civic Auditorium, Kaiser Permanente Arena, the Chaminade resort, the Kuumbwa jazz center, Digital Media Factory and lots of other awesome local businesses and organizations.

Our strategy of building out pockets of bandwidth wirelessly from our downtown fiber backbone has been working out great and our network expansion is going gangbusters. With new infrastructure builds happening over the next few weeks we’ll have solid coverage all the way from Mission St to 20th Avenue — including almost 100% coverage in downtown Santa Cruz and new coverage in Harvey West — plus downtown Watsonville and north Scotts Valley.

The 20×20 Mbps connections we’re installing in these zones (at an unheard of $99/month) is a level of symmetrical connectivity unavailable anywhere else, and we can hardly keep up with the demand. We’re big believers in under-promising and over-delivering — many of those 20×20 subscribers are seeing much faster speeds, often 50 or 60 Mbps! We’re loving this new technology. As well as the speed, the latency is insanely low (vital for VoIP, cloud-based apps and online gaming) and the installation is a snap.

As a relatively small market, Santa Cruz County has long been underserved by the large national providers, and recent fiber cuts have only reinforced the pressing need for fully-redundant Santa Cruz broadband network built and maintained in Santa Cruz with the necessary robustness to handle the growing needs of our business community. Here at Cruzio, rather than waiting for Google, we’ve been building just such a network. Better reliability, faster speeds and reduced costs are now available in many areas, and the more interest we can drum up, the faster we’ll get to complete coverage.

Cruzio is committed to this community, and to the region’s economic future. We need other businesses, organizations and neighborhoods to partner with us to build this locally-owned network.

If you need better broadband, give us a call at 459-6301 x2, or fill out this quick form at quote.cruzio.com.

Cruzio Truck at Lighthouse