Given revelations over the last several years that US citizens are under surveillance by the NSA and other government agencies which are assisted by large communications and media corporations as reported in the press, we at Cruzio Internet have received requests from our customers for information on our privacy policies as well as our policies and procedures regarding requests from law enforcement or other government agencies.

Cruzio does not provide customer information to outside parties without a court ordered subpoena. This includes billing information, any log files, or other customer data like backups of email or websites. We require a court order to ensure that a disinterested third party (a judge) reviews the subpoena and only issues it after a defined standard of probable cause has been met.

Under the Patriot Act, government agencies, usually the FBI, may also demand the handing over of customer data or information using a National Security Letter, a written demand for records which is not ordered by a court. Cruzio has not been served with an NSL as of this writing.

Under the statute known as the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, CALEA,
Cruzio is legally bound to allow law enforcement agencies who serve a court ordered subpoena access to our network to, in effect, install a wire tap using a “pen register”: As of this writing, Cruzio has never been so served.

Cruzio was created 25 years ago to bring the promise of the Internet and open communications, to every person on the planet. We are dedicated to acting as “neutral dumb pipes” to make sure all voices can be heard. As such, Cruzio, as a company, does not, as a matter of policy, weigh in on political matters one way or another.

However, as a business and as a community of individuals we welcome the debate over blanket surveillance. It is clear that the indiscriminate copying of data flowing over the Internet is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, which forbids illegal search and seizure. It is also clear that the gag provisions of the National Security Letters are a violation of First Amendment protected free speech.

Cruzio is a proud supporter of the Electronic Frontier Foundation who are engaged in numerous court cases exploring these very important issues and helping to fight where privacy and digital freedom are under threat. We hope that you will consider supporting EFF or the civil liberties organization of your choice. Your freedom of expression and your online privacy are under attack.