Come celebrate Cruzio’s new fiberoptic connection at a party!: 

On: Friday, May 6th 2011
Time: 7 to 9 pm

(If you haven’t had a chance to see our new building, nighttime is beautiful! )

Location: At Cruzio’s new building, 877 Cedar Street
Free food and swag

It’s historic.

It’s thrilling.

It’s unprecedented.

FIBER Internet connecting downtown Santa Cruz to Silicon Valley.

The entire family is invited to celebrate this incredible milestone where you can help Cruzio flip the fiber switch, see live performances and watch just how fast fiber Internet can really go.

Cruzio has brought 10 gigabits of fiber into our new building at 877 Cedar Street and we’ve lit it up. We’re getting amazing bandwidth and we have plenty to share. Right now everyone in our building is on this ultra high-speed network; our hosted websites are transmitting super-fast; and our colo customers are tapping in to this tremendous resource.

You’ll be able to see it work on Fiber Night. Then, to get a real taste of the speed, just come in for a day of co-working. (Every Cruzio customer gets a free coworking day — just ask!)

And don’t miss this party. Lots of lights, lots of food, lots of fun and even free gifts for you.