Cruzioworks hosted a New Tech Meetup session, attended by many of Santa Cruz’s geekiest citizens. The Meetup, headed by David Britton, always has interesting presentations and is a great way to meet other local technologists and see what’s going on in town. If you haven’t already, join at their website  — it’s easy and free of charge.

The speakers:

Shane Pearlman and Hilary Bryant presented their group, the Santa Cruz City Technical Task Force. This committee consists of local technologists from a variety of backgrounds who volunteered to help the City find ways to streamline policies and procedures.


Dr. Dominic W. Massaro asked “can children be taught to read as early as they learn to speak?” and presented his research on the subject. Dr. Massaro demonstrated a tee shirt with a holder for an iPad. The iPad has speech recognition software on it, so it can print what he’s saying right across his chest.


And many local members of the Tech Meetup had a chance to catch up with each other and share news and views.

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And finally, some cool stuff put together by Chris Yonge. Amazing. Keep an ear out for news about the Santa Cruz Makers’ Group!

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