The Sentinel building used to be a long, uninterrupted wall of 10″ thick concrete down most of a block of Cedar Street. It had an element of Willy Wonka’s factory: what’s going on inside? You could see the newspaper’s presses through the far window, but other than that all was dark.

When Cruzio, Ecology Action and Joe Appenrodt renovated the building, we opened it up with windows and doors.

Every one of them was a blast. Literally. The foot-thick concrete slabs had to be sawn out with massive rotor blades and came crashing to the ground. (Video here) 

Today the latest window was cut! It’s for the Cruzioworks expansion project. We’re making more of our popular office-and-coworking space, and we’re letting the light in with openings to the street and the rest of our space. (New offices will be open in the fall… be sure to ask us if you’re interested. )

It’s been a noisy day. Not only sawing and booms! when concrete comes down, but also the whooping and yelling of the construction crew. Demolition is holler-intensive work. Thanks guys!

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