There’s a reason we’re calling our new Internet service “Velocity.”

First, though, we’ve got to give a disclaimer. Velocity speeds vary widely depending on your location and the quality of your lines. In Santa Cruz County, where our geography is mountainous and there are many rural areas, we know there are a lot of places where speeds would be only a small fraction of the maximum. It’s still a great value, at the lowest speeds as well as high ones, because it includes phone service.

But let’s go back to WOW. Sometimes you can get amazing speeds and we recently hit one when we set up Velocity V40 in our downtown office.  Check out these screen shots — amazing! These speeds are the fastest consumer-price speeds you can get. By far.

The tests show real speeds at our office. We’ll publish more comprehensive results soon. In the meantime, if you’re interested in Velocity, let us know!



Notice that in the speed test here, the company providing the test says you can’t get anything faster than 2 x 2 Mbps. Cruzio Velocity, as you can see, has a faster upload speed and a much, much faster download speed.  18 times faster. At a third the price. Including phone serivice. With better service. From a local provider. So much better in so many ways.