2015-01-23 9am – Host4 being rebooted

Web hosting server host4.cruzio.com is being rebooted due to running out of swap space. This should only effect web hosting customers who have their website on host4. Any mail sent during this down time will be queued up and delivered once services are restored. Services should be back up in just a few minutes.

1/12/15 @ 2:15PM – Scotts Valley Wireless Outage

We are currently experiencing an issue for some of our customers in the Scotts Valley area with wireless Internet connections. This issue is preventing traffic from flowing to customers fed from the Cruzio point of presence at 5900 Butler St. This also includes customers with wired connections within the Enterprise Technology Center.

Cruzio techs are actively investigating the cause of the outage and will update this network status as the situation progresses.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience.